Wednesday, December 06, 2006

vitamin water at 99 hours

99 hours in this i broke out the vitamin water. its like gatorade, and now i riding around town rippin it up. im going to race on saturday on a 7 day fruit binge. it should be fun to watch, come out and see how much energy i have at heart rate 190 for an hour.

i ride around town or go places and smell food every where, lunch time is painful. try going about your day and notice all the good smells of food every where. it is hard, the guys at the bike shop were chowing down and i wanted to go to barbacoa. oh well, i have some pears today.

99 hours and 2 weeks to go, i have the 20th marked off on the calendar for some soup and salad.

so i lost 5 pounds so far thats pretty good.

2 more weeks should be 10 more, or thats the theory.

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