Friday, December 29, 2006

an evening with the god father

so bz, sara and bobby want to interview me, keep hitting reload and the question answers will appear. if you are reading this later than tonight it will be done and you can just enjoy the entertainment.

prime time aka prime rib is prime time entertainment 24/7

bz: would you say you felt more like a tiger or leopard in the lava rock looking for golf balls?
cf: more like a FOX

sw: how do you make use of your cunning ability?
cf: something specifically? it could be anything? Just push the big ring... yaaa!

sw: what race gets $100 bill handouts? and what race
cf: a: i have always wanted to do it. Not sure if they would take it. The top guys are so focused that they don't even care. If it was announced before the race, then maybe they would grab it.
b: RMR on the hairpin or near the finish line when they are going even faster.

bobby fresh: which one would you be: Katie Compton, Georgia Gould or Genneveve Jensen?
cf: why did you pick those three? Probably the cyclocross chick..

sw: if you could be like sw, bobby or bz, who would it be?
cf: probably you

cf: that 'cross chick can rip. the others are ugly or a doper

bz: favorite top three to people to ever ride with?
cf: dang, this is hard. Chucky is pretty fun. Julie was pretty fun. Matt Ohran. Sorry, you guys are up there.

bz: have you ever raced naked at Mt Snow?
cf: no. have you?
bobby: is the Mt Snow a good or bad naked?
cf: bad. but i'd like to see you do it.
sw: so when is the roadie to Mt Snow??

bz: do you have a song in your head when you shred?
cf: um, yea, it's different all of the time. how 'bout "Master of Puppets" that's pretty cool. What ever is playing on the iPod.
cf: this one says hyper titanium...the core is titanium, the golf ball i just found.

bobby: you'd rather be swatch and you would like to see bz do the naked VT crit... what are you trying to say??
sw: he'd feel my boobs while watching bz do the naked crit
cf: no, i wasn't going to say that. yea, process of elimination.

bz: what is the worst thing about ebay?
cf: oh god. probably two things: it costs too much and the people are really picky.

bz: how is the jasper stone and how is the bombarbment?
the jasper stone blocks electromagnetic chaos and saves the cells from damage and overloaded rebuilding. i dont need more trouble than i can handle. thank you.
get the jasper stone is on my links under you need this.

bz: do you have a SS#?
cf: i have a fake one..

bz: favorite place to slay the dh?
cf: oh yea, that's pretty good. i like dry creek and millcreek and around town. dog lake, desolation. today, that trail was pretty good. moab there is poison spider. solitude is pretty good. race courses, deer valley sucks pretty much, the race course. Lots of trails of good trails in pc.

sw: most gratifying thing about racing
cf: beating people. long answer - preparing a long time for something and if it goes good, that's pretty cool and if it goes bad it is pretty frustrating.

cf: do you think they are going to have that snow race? the frozen hog, and the ice race in pc

bz: best race?
cf: um. oh yea. 2003. Tour of the Gila, stage 5. It was like when you race and you feel like super man all of the time and you can just tell that people are hurting bad and i was going to drop a bomb.

bobby: who is the person you have liked competing against the most
cf: I have different people. I guess Eric and Bart. If I could keep up with them it would be better. Now you see them for a mile and then you don't see them for two hours.

bz: what the fuck goes on in your head most of the time?
cf: i'm hungry.

sw: what is your theory on life? do you have a mantra?
cf: yea, i do. it's kinda like what ever feels good or what seems good to do now, 'cause i don't know what is going to happen after that. just feeling it out. if you are in ny and have to get to la, you don't need to see the whole road. you only have to see what is in front of you.

sw: what is your first act as the godfather?
cf: it has already been done. it all started back in 1996 when I had 23 Icup and Decker Dash races from June to August. I didn't lose any of them. 2 or 3 races a week.

bz: what is your 24 hr twinkie consumption record. oh its about 18 or 20 of a 24 pack. one day i just said F it ate like 10 in row then had 8 more.
it didnt make me sick but i felt weird after.

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sell those balls on ebay, good ones are worth $2-$3 bucks a piece.