Saturday, December 16, 2006

ya i cracked

ya so this fasting cleans thing is over for me. i mean i got until weds the 20th really but today i caved in as sager would say.

last saturday was the race and i had some pasta, then this week i moved it up to a bowl of minestrone soup each day, that was nice. today i cracked, went to a friends house party and normie watched me eat cookies and coke.

but that was the end of it, i started early today with fruit salad, some spinach, the chips were good too.

vitamin water, well thats like gatorade. im barely at 157 lbs so i guess i did some good on this 2 week controlled anorexia.

im not throwing in the towel full on yet, i just caved in. you know the holiday food binges.
i am still waiting for the utah rider to bring me pizza weds night. i cant wait. also i cant wait to get out of here. at least it will be 50's in st. george and im sick of sitting around all day twiddling my thumbs and freezing my ass off when i go outside.

boo hoo, my life isnt so bad as i make it out to be.

hit the slopes or something, im itching to ride 3 hrs a day for about 2 weeks straight on the new road bike.

oh ya here is tree farm winning nationals today. levers, watts = ass kicking power.

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LyndaW said...

Well it's snowing and 32F at my house just now...