Friday, December 22, 2006

rippin some trail

i found this gap jump in the middle of the desert. i was goin big today.

it was another primo winter day in the south. 2.5 hrs of trail shredding. it was sunny and about 50 today.

have fun in the smog and snow.
tomorrow im going over to the hurricane area to rip up little creek and gooseberry. should be about 3 or 4 more hours.

time to shred

check out the sweet cliff drop

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The Mop said...

So... I've gone through some of Sly's comments.
I know I'm a self righteous prick.

No body is perfect, but if you're offended by sly, don't read his bog. Escalating the hate by posting anonymously to him, Just doesn't do anything but make things worse.

He is tuff, he can take it. But I like to think, we can be better.

More stupid bullshit from,
"The Mop"