Tuesday, December 26, 2006

7 more days

i got 7 more days on vacation.
today some fresh meat arrived in dixie. chucky, bucky and racer. the gibson brothers.
me and chucky rode around hurricane, la vaaarkin loop. hammering the big ring. plus some other roads. i got to hear his stories of the past years girl friends., and how screwed up they all are. yes trucker, i know how it goes.

the claw called, hes in town. time to ride road bikes. so we did that.

he wanted to stop and check out these free cars on the side of the road.
3.5 hrs on the street machines. im not tired yet and i have lots of energy so im not resting until next week.

time to go to the movies.

oh ya after next week i got a trip planned to madison wisconsin jan 12th..
i've been to this swap for 2 years and its good, i dont know why, its cold and its in the country. but the deals flow like the colorado.
i hear there is good riding out there this time of year. bring the tire spikes and ride on some frozen lakes.
plus i got a place to stay in tucson so im going down to ride in the 70's from about the 20th to feb 1st,...
a place to stay, an almost free plane ticket and sun, how can you go wrong?

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