Sunday, December 10, 2006

from sun to snow

ok its snowing right now and it was raining most the afternoon and cloudy. i have a hard time with this gloomy winter weather. i need the lights on and need to stay active. so i walked around in the city. sunday in the down town is like a ghost town.

mostly vagrants and homeless dudes with shopping carts. i was really hungry today, walking past carls jr was painful but i never go there any way.

my friend told me last night about cops, you know the white trash show on fox 13 saturday night. if you think your life is hard watch that show and then you will know what really sucks.

like the chick who got booked and cuffed, the cop says "is this your crack pipe in the car"

she says "no its not mine, i dont smoke cocaine i only snort it"

ok that takes the cake for the crappy life, so i need to get to tucson.
oh ya i cant go until a few more weeks i dont have any energy to ride right now.

hungry fox

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flahute said...

I've been praying for snow ... like you, I get a bit fed up with the gloomy darkness, but I love getting outside and playing in the snow ... skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

Heading to Fountain Hills, AZ (east of Scottsdale) for a week to visit family for the winter solstice holiday. Taking the bike to try and get in some miles.