Tuesday, December 12, 2006


this was a nice day at wheeler in november. warm and the good times were flowing.

need some warm weather,
im going down to st george for a week if anyone wants to go ride in the sun road and mtn from the 21st to the 28th.

rip it up in the sun and shred some trail

i walked around in the city today. i probably do only about 20 mins a day. its slow and boring. i like fast and dangerous.

danger is my middle name.

i was over at the coffee garden and saw the pink dude but didnt have a camera. he was walking his bike and was wearing a pink fur coat. a real puffy one.

over at contender ryan and dave z have these surly snow bikes and they go rip it around up dry creek in the snow. im going to go borrow ryans and see how it handles. the tires are about 12" wide.

it beats riding in slush and the trainer. and the gym, poor bastards who ride the stationary bike at 6am or the stair master.
i would rather chew glass


Anonymous said...

I like to chew glass WHILE I ride trainer.


flahute said...

I'm in PHX from the 19th-27th ... staying with my 'rents in Fountain Hills, gonna try and do some road riding.