Thursday, December 14, 2006

no energy to burn

but i rode outside for a few hours today, well maybe 1.5 hrs plus a nice walk around the city. i used to hate walking but since i have a lot of free time its nice. i must be getting old.

its like 60 and sunny today. just what i needed, hooked up with 1 or 2 roadies and tried to keep up, its a weird feeling riding with no energy but its only 5 more days so stick it out and then time to shred st. george next week.

if anyone knows where to buy these let me know, i want some.

hmmmm.... dont hump the train.

can anyone identify my secret training partner

i sold my cross bike yesterday, and got the new road bike today. should be good for about 20 hours next week in the sun.
i wonder if atrain is going to win tomorrow

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Wes said...

She sure looks good from behind.