Monday, December 18, 2006

eat me black mold

ya i found these socks over at revolution. thanks for the input.
this old place where i used to work its over by faustina, across the street. anyway they ripped it up like tore the walls and ceilings down and it was laced with black mold all over, thats great i was breathing that crap for like 7 months. im glad im outta that shit hole. maybe thats why my plant was dying and now its like full on blooming health.
i was driving all over town today, delivering xmas cheer, and tomorrow i will be doing the same.
2 more days and im south bound and cant wait to just ride and eat. do nothing else, maybe watch tv and go to movies.
yesterday i was at my friends house for like 8 hours i watched 3 movies. this is an older one but if you have not seen requiem for a dream go get it.
it makes you think about how good your life is, no matter what problems you think you have and life sucks try living like those people.
that is some crazy shit.

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Matt said...

yes that is a good movie. pretty sad of what people allow happen to them. Merry holiday to you and safe journey to the warm land.
I dont think you shared what kind of new road bike ride you go.