Saturday, December 30, 2006

ragin new years eve bash in st. george tonight

ya so i bet you heard about the gay early new years eve parties here in st george. we gotta go hit up the festivities, 2 parties in 2 nights. i guess its good for something. tonight the fake parties, tomorrow in vegas where the real party gets down.

how stupid is this pre new years, its really gay.

anyway im wasted and feeling the past 10 days of hammering. today was another 3.5 hrs on the mtn bike. me and bz road over to hurricane, met up with the wonder pony, bobby, newby and swatch and were going to ride goulds. but the wind was kickin so we flipped it back to st george. drove back to the barrel roll trail. this new trail is over in santa clara and over looks ivins up on a mesa, its a good 1 track with some tech. flow and big ring power climbs. about 45 mins of sweet new 1 track. thanks to the blm for making it.
nice trail.
then hooked up the stucki to bloomington. 3.5 hrs and im tired.

tomorrow is gooseberry, i hope the wind is gone and snow melted. if anyone is around and wants to go be over at the trail by 10am. we are rippin it up so dont be late.

party on, 2007 is going to be a break through.

last 10 days 30 hrs shammy time.
3 more days and im on a 4 day break.

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