Monday, December 25, 2006

warmest day of the week

well its monday so that was easy. 60 degrees with full on sunshine. i got in 3 more hours of trail shredding. thats 15 hrs in 5 days.
remember i dont walk, i hop stuff.

7 more days of good weather then i hope it gets near 70 in the slc or im moving to san diego for 2 months. yaaaaaa
i scored a bunch of swag and im running out of movies to see. riding and watching movies only takes up so many hours per day.
oh ya, if anyone is into numerology let me know about this, i see 818 every where, everyday. 818 for the last 15 years of my life. i have been told its about abundance, money, wealth but im not sure. im not a millionaire but i did give myself a check for xmas for $100,000.00.
now i just need to figure out when to cash it.


flahute said...

If 818 is the number you keep encountering, then you need to move to the San Fernando Valley, just north of Smell-A ... a.k.a. Porn Valley, USA.

Someplace like Encino, or Woodland Hills, or best of all ... Van Nuys!

That's their area code ...

Art said...

818 is my birthday. it means you have to buy me stuff. yaaaa

The Ghost Ryder said...

I see 333 alot what does that mean? thats like half of 666...
Norm Sr.