Sunday, December 24, 2006

jem trail

today we ripped barts favorite trail the jem over by zion. the full loop takes about 2.5 hrs. so we hammered it out, mostly 1 track with some dirt roads. goulds/jem/virgin rim trail loop. it felt like 65 degrees today but it wasnt. warm enough for shorts and jersey.

back in the day me and bart would rip laps on just the jem dh, back up the road 3 or 4 times.
now its still fast and the scalpel was rippin the berms and hookin up the gaps.

i like the mop, he has emailed me a few times over the year and i dont know what the story is but seems hes got some things figured out. mainly people skills. i wish i could deal with people like he can. i wish we were friends and could meet up some time. im impressed with his notes, his old blog bored me to death, but when he emailed me i was in awe.
good job mop.
maybe one day we will meet up somewhere. hopefully if you see me you will introduce yourself. i would like that.

seems i offended some people yesterday with my post, so i deleted it. i thought it was a free country and i can write what i want. if people dont like what i write then dont come here and read it. i dont talk trash or bag on anyone. i dont lie about people. if the truth hurts then change your truth.
but i got some hate mail and a request to withdraw it, the names will go unmentioned, since im not about to make people mad i thought i should do that.

the humor was off and i thought we were over that.

it was like a month ago and i guess the wounds for some are not healed so i wont rub salt.
bad call on my part, good intentions read the wrong way. i cant please everyone. but i do respect the people who emailed me so there you go, what ever thats worth. its worth it for me to write this.

hope you get what you all need and wanted tomorrow for xmas. i got what i wanted early, so im goin to the movies.

hugs and kisses

sly rippin the trails


The Mop said...

Happy Holidays, Sly :)

Team Rico said...

Sly,say hello to the family. Havent seen your Dad in a while. ET and Kevin

flahute said...

Uh ... what was up with the PWN3D?

The Mop said...

Oh... I have about Jack and Shit figured out... and Jack left town.

UtRider said...

Keep ripping your own trail man. You're the only one that knows what line is best for you!