Saturday, December 02, 2006

heyo chronicles

Heyo Chronicles , where im from its called hellno chronicles.
hello or hellno.

Here is where you will find the wild and sometimes homosexual antics of Adam Snyder aka Adigga and Perry Paolini aka Sgt. Dick Steele. Many of you may be wondering what is a HEYO. Well it is quite simple, if you see a hot lady it is a HEYO! If you see an not so hot lady it is a HEYNO!

my point is its a first instinct when you meet someone. well for me its like HELLO or HELLNO

i dont say that out loud but in my head.

i recently learned that i knew a girl and my first reaction was HELLNO. but i ignored it and decided to see if it was a true HELLNO. it turns out it was a big HELLNO and thats a good lesson to learn.

as snoodle says


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