Tuesday, December 05, 2006

76 hours and counting

ya its been over 3 days. i had a few pears and oranges. but its looking grim over here.

its a cleansing not a starvation diet. just the blog readers know im not doing this on my own i have trained therapists with a goal and direction.

its not stupid, it sounds stupid and im hungry but there is nothing wrong with some fasting, cleansing and renewal.

i would give 100 for a pizza right now though.

maybe on the 20th.

oh ya and i case you guys dont know, i did this on feb 13th to march 8th ya thats 23 days with no food at all, i had some veggie juice daily, but no food,

i got rid of some tape worms and lost 27 pounds. the road to victory is steep and slippery. most people turn around and go home. the others forge character and will power.

it takes the mind to weird places. try concentrating when your stomach aches. get your mind off of the obvious discomfort and its a zen like state.

check out my titanium tools. they cut paper n shit

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StupidBike said...

dude, if i go 3 hours without food, i turn into a effin monster, more power to ya, what works for you may kill the next guy. to each his own and other shit like that.