Wednesday, December 20, 2006

have fun in the snow, im outta here

check out these sweet new shoes i got, nike poggio 4 carbon super light and stiff. no tread on the bottom, but i dont need that, i dont walk, i hop stuff like no way rey.

trim 5 more ounces off the rotational weight of shoes. i had the older model now these are way better.
today is the day, im outta here. its cold and i know sager wants to go to the sunny south. but he tells me hes going to mexico for 3 weeks. very soon.

heres the plan, 3 hrs a day for the next 2 weeks. mtn and road rides 1.5 hr to 2 hrs each. mix it up and shred some trail, hit the secret stash. (washington, ivins, my hometown) so nobody knows what the hell im talkin bout.
50 degrees beats riding in 30, or the trainer or the gym. poor bastards i feel for you.
i might be back on the 3rd.
i might stay longer.

i got this pic from the wolf, seems hes going a bit stir crazy. i know the feeling, yes i do and im over it.

time to go

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss you. Merry x-mas Sly.