Tuesday, December 05, 2006

this might sound really screwed up

for some people this time of year is fun and good times, you know the xmas season, family, friends, parties, food, presents, all that horse shit.

so really for me im not that into it. the cold, short day light, drunken partiers, yee haw type of attitudes. i guess im jaded. i dont like buying everyone i know presents for some day that has been blown out of proportion. i dont even think christs birthday was on the 25th anyway.

im not a church goer and dont know much about any one religion to say whats good or bad with another so i dont go there.

but i would rather just skip past this whole month and start out in january. new years is joke as well.

i dont stay up waiting for the clock to change or get wasted with a bunch of fools.

its just another day in the life. get up and try to accomplish something good.

ya so anyway im writing this not so fun story, i want to skip the whole month. but i cant. so instead im looking at my calendar and Xing off each day as it passes by. another day towards 150 pounds. that is a major accomplishment for me and if i can do something with my month besides hate it then all the better.

seasonal depression slyfox


Art said...

dont be such a grinch

Anonymous said...

Christmas would be extra special if it only came once every five years.