Friday, December 29, 2006

another day another trail

today seemed short compared to the last weeks rides. only 2 hrs. it feels like 30 mins. no effort or time lag. just a day to ride and rip the trail. so heres the current crew in dixie. swatch, bz, bobby and me. tomorrow is the rim trail. thats a good one, should be nice again. sunny blue skies, mid 50's.

time for a burrito and a movie,

oh ya i got to collect some pro tour balls over at sunbrook, the condo is right off a lava rock hazard and the old fogies are blowin every drive. the hazard is loaded with prime balls.

i bet kyle g is drooling.

bz wanted me to post this pic, i dont know why. its a partly frozen pot of chicken soup im tryin to melt down, its too hot to eat but its frozen.
you know what im sayin?

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