Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i could crack

oh its gettin bad over in the fox den, hunger and food. its the point of no return. eat and blow it. cram a pizza in my pie hole or sit and look at the wall.

oh you guys have no idea,

well you should try it and see its goin off over here, im fighting and the bright side its only 13 more days. im lookin at a pear, orange and apple, which i should chow all of them but it doesnt do anything and it doesnt sound good. i like hot food, not this crap



UtRider said...

Be safe man. What you're doing doesn't sound fun but if you believe it works then keep it rolling. Is it hard for your body to adjust to food when the fast is over or can you just hit it without side effects?

slyfox said...

i have to eat soup and salad, or mushed apples and pineapples. with probiotics.

its painful to eat anything else

Anonymous said...

What the hell?????
I eat crappy food all day long. I cant help it. Then you start this shit and make me feel like a loser.
Get your shit going. Start kikckin ass so i can have soem insperation.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Get on it. Ass Whoopins for all on Saturday.