Wednesday, December 13, 2006

power to weight ratio is improving

if you are into numbers and techno geek out like tbird this should be interesting. if not then dont read this lame blog.

you know if you are a fast climber and have power you can crush when the trail point up. like climb-um and tbird.

skinny guys with some watts.

well mine is on the rise, the last 10 days i lost 10 pounds, 7 more days 7 more pounds.

then im at 150. this is a start, when i weigh that much and put out 350 watts for an hour or two i can crush and dominate.

thats why its exciting, i dont need to train much to do good. about 10 hrs a week is all it takes but if the weight isnt below 150 it shows in the results and by how much i get dropped by the skinny guys.

ya so its mid december, no training, no food and im thinner than i have been since summer 2003
thats good news and come march it will be better.

i dont need to train 25 hrs a week in the cold or lift weights. im glad cuz it would kick my ass.
just lose the extra and then drop the hammer

6 more days, then im eating a pizza.


Anonymous said...

Lets ride next week.

Anonymous said...

Sly, I'm as un-techie as it gets. No Powermeter, HRM or CPU, I just look at my watch when I walk out the door and when I get back...come to think of it, I got 6 hours know what they say about chamois-chamois time : )

Anonymous said...

Ummm, yet, but here's the thing... almost no one can maintain watts while dropping poundage in your manner.

UtRider said...

If I understand Sly the plan is twofold: 1) Lose some pounds to hit 150, and 2) Train at a high intensity but low volume to increase watts while maximizing recovery. He won't start working on #2 until #1 is completed.

Sly - Feel free to correct me if I've misrepresented anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, yeah, good luck with that.

slyfox said...

ya i know whats up, i've been in the game for 17 years. lose power but easily gained back in a few months.