Thursday, December 21, 2006

4.5 hours in the sun

this is dirty rob, the shop kitty.

yesterday i was chowing pizza, thanks to mark, he paid, and i ate. it gave me energy for today. i had some cookies and pizza. time to pig out.

i went riding in the sun today for about 80 miles. all over town back and forth. now its time to eat some burritos and go to the movies.

specialized deflect gloves suck, i had these for 2 months and they are full of holes. the guys over at red rock gave me a new pair for free.

ya i went riding with those guys anyway so we were out in the big ring all day. 45 degrees felt like 60 and the sun was blazing.
better than slc smog.

i hope to get about 35 hrs in 2 weeks. we'll see how it goes. its rollin and time to shred.

my new favorite show on mtv is rob and big, a skinny skater dude, a pit bull named meaty and a 400 pound black man.

good times.

maybe i should take a shower, its been about a week. i needed to wash my sheets but i forgot. i did that last time like in october.
i will do it next year when i get home

time to go


Anonymous said...

It's a bulldog.

UtRider said...

Glad to hear you arrived without mishap. The inversion is in full effect here in SLC and it is COLD with more snow arriving tomorrow. Enjoy your time in the sun. Don't forget to show your mountain bike some love...

Team Rico said...

sum bitch