Monday, December 11, 2006

mess making machine

ya thats me, i jacked a lot of shit up today. pretty much screwed the pooch you know. im not too happy about it, but you know what they say??

if you didnt screw anything up then you are not trying very hard. well i tried and tried, then i succeeded.

get back in the game, make the adjustment and kick some ass.

only if you guys knew what was going on then you could see through the eyes of sly.
its the lack of day light, cold air, no food, and about 10 other things........etc.
no excuses, just reasons. no justification here.

i motherly jacked this up and its on me, i got some work to do.

start the project, its long over due.

kick me while im down, cuz it wont last long and im goin to be kickin some ass. in life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just eat somthing! You make no sense.