Thursday, December 28, 2006

2 a days=70 miles

i rode mtn and road today, with claw, racer and chucky. we did about 4.5 hrs so check out the gps on racers page,

2 hrs on the road in the wind then 2.5 hrs rippin some trail with a sweet tail wind.
im hungry so im going to a get burrito,
team rico, down in the sun till tuesday, bring your mtn bike we are shredding trails all weekend with bz and saffel

ya, that walmart thing is kind of weird. i had to go spend a gift card. every time i pass that store it gives me the chills.
i heard that dead people hang out there and try to suck your energy.
stay away from walmart, i saw a devil there once, in slc, she was ugly and scared me.
atrain says his bday is 818, mine is 810, not to be confused with the 801 my home town.
i was at the golf course with the claw, i was going to hit some balls on the driving range but they recognized me from 1991 when i got banned from that course when i used to swim in the lake and collect the balls.,, TIT-LEEE-IST
so they said go away, today i had a chip shot over at green springs. truckers condo is 10 feet off the par 3.
we headed out early for a 5 hr road ride down to mesquite, but the wind out on the prarie was hittin 50mph, so we flipped it back to washington and the wind was gone, then after a few hrs on the road we traded in the skinny tires for the fat. ripped through town over to green valley and the barrel trail with jumps and the bear claw poppy had a sweet tail wind and the scalpel was hookin it up.

we passed some dudes out there it was like 50 degrees today, he had a full on face mask like in the arctic.

plus he was going uphill. i wonder if he is retarded.

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