Sunday, December 31, 2006


this was me today, 30 mins into a fairly easy pace. no energy and low heart rate. time to rest. i might be over trained a bit, so there is no use fighting the body. when it says done, im done.

i rode around the goose for 2 hrs at a snails pace, blown and dizzy from the past 10 days of riding.
i need a few days off, its nice down here but im leaving town now.

perceived exertion vs slow or fast passing of time.

the other day the 2 hr ride was effortless and passed like 20 mins. today 2 hrs felt like 5 hrs.
when youre having fun the time flies. i guess its true.

good company no matter who makes time fly. this year i spent time with people i liked a lot and people i hated some times.

the difference is amazing and i dont get time but thats how it goes.

some weeks felt like a day, some weeks felt like years.
i didnt sleep much last night, must be a few factors. my motivation today was low and i had to stop at wendys for some salty fries and a coke.
that seems to help, salt, grease and sugar.

we rode some off shoot of the goose, like the southwest rim loop. its a trail nobody knows about. its primitive and hard to find. twisty up and down i bet you dont know what the hell im talking about.

white line fever yaa

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m.a.c.k. daddy said...

sly, you should go through your last two months of blogs and compare the ratio of how many times you feel tired vs. how many times you feel good - give yourself the perspective of having looked at it from "our" view've been dragging for awhile. break the cycle!