Sunday, December 03, 2006

eat some oranges then get kicked in the balls

i am taking advantage of this week and next week about eating mostly nothing. yes blog readers you might read blogs of base miles, racing cross, cold weather but now its time to eat oranges for a week.

since its cold and im not riding, racing and i got kicked in the gut and feel like throwing up anyway.

i cant eat so i thought why not do it now, i was maybe going to fast in january but the time is right.

so today i had 2 oranges and 1 apple. thats all and i walked around in the city. i never walk and i hate it.

the doctor says walking is good, he doesnt have to tell me that. i know that but never do it.
my back is screwed, im not a cripple but it hurts. girls come and go and they stick the dagger in the heart making me not eat anyway. im not doing much so i might as well just not eat anything.

oranges till sunday. then no food for 5 more days. that should trim me down 15 pounds. just like when i did it in july.

good times in the 801,

enjoy your food, i will be hatin it in a few days.
if you want to hear me complain just keep checkin the foxden.

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